Growing Upwards– A Poem for the Inauguration of Donald Trump

I want to lay down quietly in the earth

Dig under the snow, under the top soil

Until I find the perfect black– the richness of quietness

I want to lay inside,  in between the earth worms and decaying

world from above with my arms folded, lips pursed together

My eyes sullen– as if sinking inward.

I want to remove myself from the message

From the history that is being written today

From the chair that has been pulled out from underneath us,

(even though I am coming to find that the safety was never really there all along.)

We have been fighting this shit all along and I just want

To rest my body.

Rest for so long because this work seems like centuries

Against the patriarchy and its injustices that occur

Because I was born with breasts and a vagina,

(and I hate that I have to whisper the word vagina when they can shout pussy,)

I want to return to the earth

To collapse into the ashes of the women who have gone before me

To bury my soul from the harshness of the sun in this present day

Just give me five minutes of uninterrupted rest from the press

The media, those fucking tweets.

Let me rest in the darkest of dirt.

Let me seep in the riches from Mother Earth

And then,

Let me re-bloom into flowers.



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