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October 14, 2016

She. Only a little shhh! before he.

Stay in your box! Don’t you dare

dream of metamorphosis

Don’t you dare do anything other than

“bloom where you are planted.”

It’s been ingrained in you to pick the least challenging choice

To apologize, to say “sorry,” for your thoughts, your ideas

Your wardrobe. Your body.

To tailor your schedule, your life, yourself around the comforts of others.

To place your breasts in a bra and cover up that clevage because, don’t you know how men stare?

But, it’s amazing. When you stop paying attention to the demands of the world.

When you stop considering he before she and you before them and you start to define 


It’s amazing when you speak your mind without apologizing and when you pick clothes to keep your body cool or warm and when you finally, finally take off that bra

And burn it.