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You, My Child

February 14, 2012

I pause sometimes and think
Of your image cradled in my arms
Of lengths it will take to raise you
How we will keep you safe from harm
I question what we’ll name you
Or where we will call home
I guess that’s a lot of thinking
–You, my child, have yet to be born

I’m nowhere near becoming a mother
I won’t be seeing you for years
But I still I imagine what you’ll be like
I think about how we will feel
I wonder if we will create you
Or if you will pick us
Are you already on this earth?
Or is your soul still waiting,
–merely dust?

I need a lot of preparation
I want the time to be right
To be happy with a child
To feel the joy of new life
I am willing to make the sacrifices
And that’s just what should be done
When you love something greater
–To make two instead of one.