There Goes My Mother

There goes my mother.
Over to the clearance hair care color
Me? I just turn my cart the other way
And walk down the aisle collecting item after item
Of things she already has but won’t tell me she has until we have
Left the store and the city and have gone home.
While we are unpacking the things onto the kitchen counter
She’ll glance over at a bottle of Dawn dish soap and
Get a quizzical look on her face, walk over the sink
Bend down to the cupboard, open it, and pull out a
Brand new one, freshly sealed, never opened.
She will smile.
Me, I will sigh.
You see, this is my mother.
Carrying and collecting things she herself will never need
Saving them for a later date or in my case
Another person, another household.
Because she always did shop at thrift stores and
The excitement of buying school clothes was never more
Than a chore for her. This is my mother.
Using her resources wisely and sharing them with a daughter
Who has yet to understand the value of a dollar.


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