Sometimes I think
That you aren’t really in love
That you are more in…
That you followed a sequence
First college, then marriage
and finally baby.
I glance over your profile
Of pictures of you and your kid
That you took
with your free hand
And I wonder how it must feel
to stop working at the age
of merely 23.
And to be something like a
pawn in someone else’s game
Telling yourself everyday
That you make the rules
That your husband is
the head, but you are the neck
and I’ve heard that phrase so many
times it puts a bullet through my heart
To think you all believe it.
It rips the core of my being
to see you smile in every picture
Like, hey world– look at me!
Look what I did!
Look what this ring
this house
this baby
Makes me!
I say to it all:


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